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My name isShabby

My name is

Ann has been involved in the world of property since she was 18: In New homes she’d organise the show homes as well as sell them, this career led to managing her own estate agency. It was an excellent platform to find out what people base their buying decisions on, what their tastes are, what type of interior design works and how people react to different arrangements. Of course, it also gave Ann a fantastic knowledge in the field of business management and customer service. The first project Ann describes as serious ‘upcycling’ was a hall table. “One table in a furniture store caught my eye, but it was just too expensive. And then, one day, David’s mum (David’s my partner) gave us a table and said we could paint it. When we did I was thinking ‘yes, I may do some more of this’.
The right moment, the right time

Then, during a walk with Sara, a friend, everything fell into place. “We discussed Mersea, the environment and community, design and up-cycled furniture. I went home and bought the domain name.” ShabbyAnd... was born.

Labour of love
Trading began in March 2013, firstly online and through word of mouth and vintage fairs. As the demand grew, they realised there was a need for ShabbyAnd… to have a physical presence. Ann gave up Estate Agency to commit more time to it and the shop came to lif). “All of our items are carefully hand painted and may show the odd brush stroke or colour variation. As with any pre- owned furniture there may be the odd blemish or bump that you'd expect with age, this is part of its attraction and if like us you love vintage pieces with character this is the place for you.” – saye in August with the Grand Opening in September 2013. In the early days, she cooperated with Sara and in 2014 Ann became the sole owner of the business. Today ShabbyAnd… is on a road to becoming the destination for chic upcycled furniture, unique handmade soft furnishings, retro accessories and quality paints and materials (the shop is an authorised distributor of Autentico chalk paints).

Inspiration in store

Most of our creations are brought back to life in the shop. When you visit us on West Mersea, you may find us deliberating over a new colour for a recently reclaimed armchair or choosing the best design for a piece of jewellery. ShabbyAnd… create unique designs from reclaimed materials but often work on commissions directly for homeowners or for interior designers looking for unique pieces to help them put an individual stamp on spaces they create for their clients. Ann’s desire was to create a platform not only to channel their own creativity, but to share appreciation of ‘the exceptional’ with the local community. The shop is a display of local talent at its best. Most of the furniture is upcycled on site and accessories and gifts come from local artists and craftsmen. You can also find us at most of the local shows and festivals. We even hosted a book signing for a local author, who wrote the ‘Dirty Bombers’. You may have seen this featured in the local press.